(fetch-counter client bucket-name counter)(fetch-counter client bucket-name counter {:keys [r pr not-found-ok basic-quorum return-deleted-vclock if-modified-since if-modified-vclock retrier timeout], :or {retrier default-retrier}})
Fetches Riak counter.
Available options:

`:basic-quorum` (true or false): whether to return early in some failure cases (eg. when `:r` is 1 and you get 2 errors and a success `:basic-quorum` set to true would return an error)
`:notfound-ok` (true or false): whether to treat notfounds as successful reads for the purposes of `:r`
`:if-modified-vclock`: a vclock instance to use for conditional get. Only supported by Protocol Buffers transport.
`:timeout`: query timeout


(increment-counter client bucket-name counter-name)(increment-counter client bucket-name counter-name {:keys [w dw pw value return-body timeout retrier], :or {value 1, return-body true, retrier default-retrier}})
Increment counter in Riak.
 Available options:

`:value` (default 1): value to increment by
 `:timeout`: query timeout